Jerardo Prancing in Field - 25 Mar 2011

Happy New Year – 2009 - 01 Jan 2009

The horses had a frosty start to 2009 with a night time temperature down to -5 deg C

A very Frosty Sonny

A very Frosty Sonny

Henry frosty - Zac spent the night in a stable

Henry frosty – Zac spent the night in a stable

Jac tucks in to breakfast

Jac tucks in to breakfast

Yearlings Gelded - 17 Oct 2008

Jac and Jo after being geldedJac and Jo were gelded today – Nigel the vet was very impressed with their nature.

They were turned out together on to fresh grass and were soon full and having a quiet afternoon nap.

Jac and Jo Have a Day Out - 08 Aug 2008

Jo and Jac practiced being loading for a few days before having a trip out to an outdoor arena. They had a great time even managing a small jump.

See the video below.

Jac and Jo - 13 May 2008

Jacinto is still showing off his nose warmer. They are being brought in regularly to have their feet picked up and to be handled. They are walked in hand through the village to see some sights.

Jac and Jo are not ready for Summer - 03 May 2008

Jacinto and Jerardo still have their winter coats Jac has a particularly fetching nose warmer.