Sonador has fallen on his feet. - 15 Sep 2010

Sonador IIISonador III has a new home with a lovely family from Bewdley in Worcestershire. They already keep Lusitano horses and are now looking to breed Andalusian / Lusitano crosses from Sonador.

They are very keen on dressage and Parelli Natural Horse Training, so Sonador has defiantly fallen on his feet!

Happy New Year – 2009 - 01 Jan 2009

The horses had a frosty start to 2009 with a night time temperature down to -5 deg C

A very Frosty Sonny

A very Frosty Sonny

Henry frosty - Zac spent the night in a stable

Henry frosty – Zac spent the night in a stable

Jac tucks in to breakfast

Jac tucks in to breakfast

Foals Weaned - 26 Oct 2008

Sonador and Henrietta have been weaned from their Mum’s. Everyone is very chilled and unbothered as we have been training for this day for some weeks now.

Andalusian Foals turned out with herd - 13 May 2008

We need to rest the hay fields so the foals were moved today to go out with our other horses.

The quickly settled in after a short run around with the yearlings.

Sonador meets his sister - 03 May 2008

Sonador is well developed and strong and he went out in the field for the first time today.

We gave hime an hour to get his bearings then turned out Henrietta and Cheyenne. It is a large field but they stayed together.

Bandera has a Colt Foal - 01 May 2008

Bandera XVII had her foal mid morning on the 1st May.

He is a strapping colt. A Pure PRE Andalusian by our stallion Oyon.

We have named him Sonador, which means dreamer.