Idris on his way to Essex - 19 Jun 2015

Idris set off to his new home with Wendy in Essex today. I’m sure she will have a lot of fun with him.

Idris loads into Wendy's lorry

Video of Idris playing in the field 2 days earlier.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon - 03 May 2015

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Condesa de Rosa

Foals Weaned - 19 Nov 2014

Foals weaned and living happily together. Now they are looking for lovely new homes.

weaned foals 2014

2014 Foals - 23 May 2014

A walk around the new foals yesterday with our friends Judy and Max.  Thanks to Max for the photos.

Idris out with Mum and Dad - 09 May 2014

Purdy’s foal has been named Idris. Here is a very short video and some photos of him out in the field with Oyon and Purdy.

Purdy’s first Foal - 02 Apr 2014

Purdy had a colt foal this morning at 5:30am