Dragon Diablo’s first Christmas - 26 Dec 2009

Snowy Diablo

Diablo is now fully weaned and is proving to be very bold and independant. He is happy to be alone or part of our mixed gang. Luckily he is now used to his warm New Zealand rug as we have been snowed in for a week!

Snowy Diablo

Cheyenne’s foal has a name - 17 Jun 2009

We have finally applied for a name for Cheyenne’s foal – Dragon Diablo.IMG_1907

Foals meet the vet - 12 Jun 2009

Both the foals met the vet for the first time yesterday when they had their microchips inserted, passports applied for and Bajardo had blood taken for his DNA test.  Both behaved impeccably as you would expect from Oyon babies.3898c4287c

Cheyenne has a colt foal - 26 Apr 2009

Cheyenne has had a beautiful, bay colt foal. We are so pleased as he is very well grown, friendly and has striking looks with his 4 white feet and a star.First day