Cantalucia and Alférez - 25 Oct 2016

Cantalucia and Aalferez

Photos of Youngsters - 26 Oct 2015

Thanks Max for the photos.


Petra 3 Year Old Hanoverian x Andalusian Filly - 25 Sep 2015

Recent photos of Petra. She is standing 15.3hh now. She has a lovely bold temperament and spectacular movement. Really well grown chunky filly. She is excellent to catch and good with her feet. Leading out well. Quite a character and very friendly. Ready now to go on and do more.


Cantalucia and Carol’s Venture - 10 Aug 2015

We managed to get some photos of the foals today, Cantalucia 11 weeks old and Carol’s Venture 15 weeks old, both growing up fast and really friendly.

Idris on his way to Essex - 19 Jun 2015

Idris set off to his new home with Wendy in Essex today. I’m sure she will have a lot of fun with him.

Idris loads into Wendy's lorry

Video of Idris playing in the field 2 days earlier.

Bandera has a Colt Foal - 08 Jun 2015

Bandera had a colt foal on 23rd May 2015. The foal was born in the field at about 10:30 in the morning. We saw the new foal from the kitchen window and I took a short video of him standing for the first time.

Carol’s Venture Named - 08 May 2015

Purdy’s foal has been called Carol’s Venture. She is coming along nicely as you can see from these photos.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon - 03 May 2015

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Condesa de Rosa

Purdy’s Foal - 27 Apr 2015

Purdy had her foal in the early hours of Sunday 26th April morning. The foal is a buckskin filly.

Foals Weaned - 19 Nov 2014

Foals weaned and living happily together. Now they are looking for lovely new homes.

weaned foals 2014

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