Alférez - 19 May 2014

Bandera’s colt foal has been given the name Alférez.

Alférez means ensign in Spanish this is a nod to Bandera  which means flag in Spanish.

According to wikipidea:
In medieval Iberia, an alférez was a high-ranking official in the household of a king or magnate. The term is derived from the Arabic “al-fāris”, meaning “horseman” or “cavalier”.

Alferez-1 Alferez-2

Bandera has a Colt - 10 May 2014

Bandera had a colt foal this morning. He is bay now but who knows what colour he will end up. He was born in the field but is now tucked up in stable with a straw bed.


Idris out with Mum and Dad - 09 May 2014

Purdy’s foal has been named Idris. Here is a very short video and some photos of him out in the field with Oyon and Purdy.

Purdy’s first Foal - 02 Apr 2014

Purdy had a colt foal this morning at 5:30am

Vader has a night in - 02 Jan 2014

Vader in a stable

Vader is living in at the moment while she is being weaned. This is good news for her as there is heavy rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow. She has been gradually introduced to our youngsters and Conker in a safe paddock during the day and will go out with the others next week.

Izarra went to a super home near Hartlepool just before Christmas.

2 Fillys Enjoying the Sunshine - 11 Jul 2013

Izarra, Bandera’s foal and Vader cheyanne’s foal are both enjoying the sunshine and being turned out on the newly cut hay field.

Tangelo Dragon Looking Good - 24 Feb 2013

We received some lovely photos of Tangelo Dragon. She has been with a family in Devon for a year now and will be two in May.

Tangelo Dragon
Tangelo Dragon

Bandera 12 weeks to go - 12 Feb 2013

Bandera is looking more pregnant than Purdy and has twice as long to go. She is normally a few weeks late as well.

Bandera looking at camera


Purdy 6 weeks to go - 12 Feb 2013

Our new broodmare Purdy is looking really good with only 6 weeks until she is due to have her first foal.

Purdy is a warmblood x throughbred and a x showjumper


Bartoli leaves home - 25 Aug 2012

Bartoli has gone to live with a lovely family near Wigan who will spoil him rotten. Mum was interested in dressage and daughter wanted to jump. They had always wanted a PRE.

We did some practice loads in our lorry and he walked in to the transporters lorry a dream.

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