Colt Foal for Banderra - 06 May 2011

Bandera had a colt foal on the 5th May. We have named him Bartilo. He has a dorsal stripe so he might be dun but will probably go grey. He will be registered as a PRE.




Reyes has loading practice - 20 Oct 2010

As Reyes will be off soon, we have been doing some loading practice. The 1st day he had a good look but could not be persuaded to go up the ramp. The 2nd day we coaxed him up by lifting his foot on the ramp. The 3rd day he was leading in behind his mum, no trouble.

We parked the lorry facing downhill as our lorry has a steep ramp.


Reyes has his feet inspected. - 15 Sep 2010

Reyes had his feet trimmed by the farrier last week. He was a bit of pickle and needed holding to keep him still.

We have done a bit more training, picking his feet up daily and as you can see he is now very relaxed about the whole thing.

Sonador has fallen on his feet. - 15 Sep 2010

Sonador IIISonador III has a new home with a lovely family from Bewdley in Worcestershire. They already keep Lusitano horses and are now looking to breed Andalusian / Lusitano crosses from Sonador.

They are very keen on dressage and Parelli Natural Horse Training, so Sonador has defiantly fallen on his feet!

Bajardo in his new home - 16 Oct 2009

Coleen says Bajardo is settling in well at his new home and is making friends with her other foal Zeb. I am sure they will be best mates very soon.

Barjardo Leaving - 15 Oct 2009

Banjo lorryBajardo left us today on the long journey to Lincolnshire. He loaded beautifuly and Colleen reported that he travelled very well.

Bajardo Sold - 05 Sep 2009

Bajardo has been to sold to Colleen from Grimsby and will be leaving us later this year after weaning. Bajardo will be a companion to Colleeen’s coloured foal and ultimately a dressage star ( hopefully! ). We wish Colleen lots of fun and good times with this special boy.

Bajardo Pre Foal off to Grimsby

Foals meet the vet - 12 Jun 2009

Both the foals met the vet for the first time yesterday when they had their microchips inserted, passports applied for and Bajardo had blood taken for his DNA test.  Both behaved impeccably as you would expect from Oyon babies.3898c4287c

Banderra has a colt foal - 04 May 2009

BajardoBanderra has a beautiful chocolate dun colt foal. He will probably go black and doesn’t have a white hair on him!!

Happy New Year – 2009 - 01 Jan 2009

The horses had a frosty start to 2009 with a night time temperature down to -5 deg C

A very Frosty Sonny

A very Frosty Sonny

Henry frosty - Zac spent the night in a stable

Henry frosty - Zac spent the night in a stable

Jac tucks in to breakfast

Jac tucks in to breakfast

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